Charging Dock

Nov 2020




During the lockdown, I had many friends call in, and I reached out to many to ensure they were well. This meant I had to balance my time well between work, other projects, and some personal time for myself to catch up on my books. Having my phone slide as I was multi-tasking was the worst, and tackling that problem, I decided to 3d print my own phone stand.

Much like any other engineer, having started the process, I soon realized I could make tackle more and make a product that can be widely used.

First Rev

The first revision of the charging dock was a simple yet elegant phone and apple watch dock. A charging cable and the apple watch charger could be fed through an opening on the back.

The design of this charging dock posed some challenges to the 3d printer. As it was designed as one piece, any interruptions during the print would render it useless and a waste of time and material.

Second Rev

The second revision does not change the design of the charging dock. However, it's an improvement to the long print times. Furthermore, it breaks up the layout into 3 pieces, allowing me to print individual components as needed.

Third Rev

The third revision primarily adds features that are nice to have. Additional structural support is added to the base by modifying how the cable is managed, and a lock mechanism is added for the docks to ensure they do not slide around.

Moreover, the individual docks can now be placed on either side, based on the user's needs. The cables can also go through the center or through each docks corresponding groove. This allows the dock to be aesthetically customized.

Additionally, I designed an Apple Airpod dock as most of my friends either had the Apple Watch or the Apple Airpods.


Sep 2018 - Jul 2019




A blister pack is a 7x4 day custom packaging solution for medication. Filled by pharmacists or technicians, blister packs are intended for patients who take multiple medications at a specified time or for patients who have trouble keeping track their medication.

DROP will automate the existing manual process of filling blister packs, saving time for pharmacists and reducing human errors.

Moreover, DROP solves the 4 prominent issues found while filling blister packs by professionals:
- Human Error
- Tedious
- Exhaustion
- Time Consumng

Our Mission

Our mission is to allow pharmacists to tailor treatment plans for each patient and let the machine dispense pills based on the customized plan.

Since the nature of the machine is very critical, our goal is zero tolerance for error. A mistake in dispensing the wrong pill in the wrong slot or dispensing the wrong number of pills can be fatal. With this in mind, our main focus is accuracy while dispensing pills into their appropriate slots.

The goal is to create a machine that will work hand in hand with pharmacists, while allowing them to step away from the machine to complete other tasks.


Drop succeeded to automate the process of filling blister packs.

The combination of software, hardware and mechanical components of the system facilitated a seamless, ergonomic process flow that is both efficient and aesthetic.

Drop is easy to use as instructions were sufficiently clear for multiple test users to operate the tool.


Nov 2018 - Apr 2019


ICC+ was pitched at the Innovation Sprint Competition, to improve the current Integrated Comprehensive Care program at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton. We created an integrated health systems and human resources solution to tackle the problem of caregiver burnouts, with access to information that could improve caregivers health.

Push Pull Legs

Oct 2017 - Nov 2018


As an exploration of Android development, I created a fitness application for both myself and other gym enthusiasts to help with our fitness goals. With the help Google API's, the app allows users to link their Google accounts to store and give more personalized information. A clean and fresh UI help users navigate through the application easily and quickly.

I'm working on a new version! (last image)



Nov 2018


The Spider bot you see on the left was CADED and 3D printed by me to demonstrate my abilities as an expert on the Mechanical team of Autonomous Robotics and Vehicle Innovations.
• Showcased to the team at ARVI.

Smart Lawn Sprinkler

Jun 2017 - July 2017


I created a watering controller to provide my lawn with the right amount of water to keep it lush while saving water when possible. Built with some basic circuit components, the Ardunio is precisely able to water different zones of the lawn. The optimized software design offers and extremely responsive server connection, enabling the lawn sprinklers to be controlled from any device.

Arduino Lawn Mower

Nov 2018


A solution to the time-consuming operation of mowing lawns, which most families face. The smart Lawn Mower is able mow lawns at set times without any user assistance. • The current solution is a robotic system that can avoid obstacles and mow the lawn giving homeowners additional time during the weekends • The use basic peripherals such as motors and buttons keep it very cost effective


Nov 2016 - Dec 2016


As a team, our goal was to design a functioning pacemaker. The system must be able to monitor and regulate heart rates for patients who suffered a bradycardia condition. By providing a programmable, dual chamber, rate adaptive pacemaker, we were able to develop a pacemaker capable keeping up with the patients daily tasks. Moreover, the uuser was able to print reports based on the device history.

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