Keeping busy

Home Reno's

Almost ten years ago, I asked my father for a cordless drill to put together Ikea furniture faster. Today, I own a wide array of tools in my garage, enough to build anything I need, but my father has never used a drill to date.

A lot of the first projects of mine were fixing things I broke around the house. The satisfaction of seeing your work not instantly break is something else :). When I was in high school, I spent a couple hundred and built my parents a bed frame. I was very ambiguous and made a bed frame out of solid wood, weighing 4x the average bed frame. I think the love my parents had for me helped them sleep through the first night. However, a week later, it was at the curb.

Over the years, I've fine-tuned my skills, invested in better tools, and gained my parent's trust to take on more significant projects. Below are a few major projects I'm fond of.

Jan - Mar 2021
Jun - Jul 2017

Having parents who are too busy to water the plants and lawn, I installed sprinklers and created zones controlled by solenoid valves connected to an Arduino.